Zimbabwean Vice President outlines strategic plans at GBF Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic was supposed to be a challenge, instead, it presented an opportunity to Restart Zimbabwe’, asserted Dr. Constantino D.N.G. Chiwenga, Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, in a session on the second day of the 6th Global Business Forum (GBF) Africa 2021 in Dubai. Zimbabwe’s efforts were not limited to the health sector, however, with the local industrial sector also witnessing renewed investment and growth.

Zimbabwean Vice President outlines strategic plans at GBF Africa

The Vice President went on to name agriculture as another sector that has witnessed growth. "Zimbabwe is endowed with natural resources, good climate, fertile soil, and is centrally positioned within southern Africa, which facilitates interconnection with all countries," he said.

"There is no crop you cannot grow in Zimbabwe. We have done our research and found that every crop out there can be grown in Zimbabwe," Chiwenga explained. "The only way you can guarantee the production and productivity of crops is irrigation; we have the Zambezi River flowing through the country – it is the fourth-longest river in Africa – and we have 10,700 dams, making us the most dammed country on the African continent."

"We started out looking to meet our strategic needs, but we will eventually be producing an excess of two million tons of grain. And we are working to revamp our horticulture sector, as well as to boost our livestock production," added.

The Vice President went on to underline that Zimbabwe is a country rich with 62 different minerals, including gold, platinum, nickel, lithium, coal, as well as an array of 17 rare metals. "This presents yet another area where great work can be done," Chiwenga noted.